Shifting gears

Electrified truck powertrains

Providing superior performance and economy.

Shifting gears
for tomorrow

Our patent is a leading concept for fast, large-scale COreduction on medium and heavy duty trucks.

BRUDELI will make electrified commercial vehicles attractive and possible for fleet owners.

Green mobility

All trucks should regenerate brake energy and provide plug-in charging.

TODAY: Automated Manuel Transmission (AMT) is the standard solution for commercial heavy duty trucks due to its high efficiency.

MOVING FORWARD: Reduced emissions and increased energy efficiency is required – new electrified powertrains and flexibility on energy source is key in greener commercial long-haul transport.

Earth won’t wait.
Neither will we.

Taking care of each other and our precious globe.

Our contribution to the world is development and commercialization of world-leading technology for the transport industry. We develop new, sustainable solutions that make a difference.


600,000 electrified vehicles on the road in 2030 with BRUDELI Powerhybrid technology reducing 50 mill ton CO2/annum; equivalent to the CO2 emission of Norway.