Phone: +47 952 28 749

BRUDELI Green Mobility AS
Semsveien 86
3302 Hokksund


You may have a theoretical or practical background, and there is no downside if you love cars or motorcycles and see yourself as a «petrol head». That just means you have come to the right place, because we keep two thoughts at the same time – refine the existing and create a new, future-oriented green technology!

What would make you a perfect candidate for our team?

  • You want to help shape the future of environmentally sustainable transportation of goods
  • You love the idea of saving the environment by simply going to work
  • You want to work internationally in highly competent and dedicated teams
  • You are energized by working in a team with some of the foremost leaders in the industry
  • You want to be part of the next generation passion and tech driven automotive experts

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